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In 2016 the board members of the Tu-Mile Quail Coalition decided to no longer be affiliated with the Quail Coalition of Texas and form our own organization to better serve our members and community. We felt that our goals, interests and priorities were no longer the same as the Quail Coalition, and that our money, including your membership money, could be used to serve our members better. The Tu-Mile Sportsmen's Association is now a group fully committed to supporting a wide range of hunting and outdoor activities. 


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Our Goal:

To enhance the lives of our members by providing the opportunity to learn about and appreciate our land, water and wildlife to the fullest extent, while supporting our youth and their involvement in outdoor sports.

          By becoming an independent organization, every penny of the money we raise will be used in our area to benefit our members and our youth. Last year alone we contributed a total $30,000 to the 4H clubs of Grimes, Houston, Madison, Trinity and Walker County. Each club used the money to purchase a variety of items to allow their members greater opportunity to learn about and excel in various outdoor sporting events.  A few other ideas and plans we have in mind include:

  • We will now involve and support all outdoor sports: hunting, fishing, shooting, as well as land stewardship, for all ages of our members.

  • Hosting monthly educational programs on a wide variety of topics available to all of our members, at no cost.

  • Events throughout the year such as skeet shoots, rifle shoots, fishing events, rifle site in’s, deer contest, hog contest and more

  • Seed Co-op program for deer, dove/quail and duck

  • Scholarship opportunities for 4H shooting sport members 


In addition to making changes to our organization’s purpose, we've also made changes to our annual banquet. Mark your calendar and plan on joining us at the Walker County Fairgrounds on August 12, 2023 for a banquet unlike any you’ve ever attended before. We will have youth events, special raffles, gun giveaways and much more. Our admission and raffle tickets are priced to allow any member’s budget the opportunity to participate. We look forward to seeing you there!

Leadership Team

Jody Crawford


John Hereford
Banquet Chairman


Join Our Team
Riley Smith
Vice President


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Courtney Crowley


- Marty Green
- Jason Pierce
- Brad Davis

- Trey Young
- Ken Kruger
- Brian Fine
- Justin Harding
- Aaron Smith
- Garrett Grimes
- Randy Hardwick
- Sam Moak
-Laurie O'Brien
- Paul Olle
- Jason Pierce
-Bobby Walton
- Andre Tumniak

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